Friday, 8 April 2011

Start small think big

I attended a presentation by Natie Kirsh at London Business School. Natie is South Africa's wealthiest entrepreneur. His story is remarkable. He started building his empire while he was very young and lost significant amount of his wealth in 1986. Later on he migrated to New York and started building his business again. Today he has businesses through out the world.
While listening to his presentation I wondered how small businesses can replicate similar success. Few messages which came across from his presentations were that it requires lots of hard work, focus and sacrifice of social life. During his presentation video, I noticed one sign,which was hanging in one of his business staff room and it had a message something like this: "Do not spend too much time, Competition is eating your lunch".  I asked him a question later on that from his presentation it feels like that he has always started with big businesses and he replied: No it is not like that. Start small but think big. I believe this is an important lesson to all small businesses that we should always have high ambitions for our businesses but keep our costs down.   

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